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Fisting, like any other sexual practice, has its basic safety rules. If rules can sometimes be broken, risks should always be acknowledged by every participant. Injuries can easily be avoided by following a few simple principles.


Fisting is challenging and should never be forced. Its purpose should always be to give pleasure to the receiver, at his own pace. Should he seem to want it but suddenly back up or panic, slow down or stop. Never push him. Only a willing bottom will enjoy getting fisted. And if you’re a bottom, don’t feel bad if you can’t take a fist on the first try. Take breaks, stop if you need and try again another time.
Remember that half of the pleasure comes from the brain’s interpretation of the whole situation. By all means, the mind needs to be in a safe place.

PS: Self-proclaimed talented dominant fisters who have no bottoming experience are usually clueless and should be avoided by every beginner.



Before the anal exploration comes the clean out. Every colon being different, only yourself can determine what technique you’ll prefer to rinse it.
One to two hours will usually be spent to totally clean in depth. Don’t stress yourself, take your time and breathe. Use warm water and watch the pressure as you don’t want to irritate or stress out your colon.
During fisting, shit can happen. Just go back to the bathroom, clean some more and relax. There is no reason to feel ashamed as it is very natural with anal play and it happens to all of us, even with years of experience.
Sometimes, you won’t simply be able to clean out completely and that’s fine, you can still fist your friends.

After a session, eating yogurt will help repopulate the guts micro-organisms flushed out by the douching.



Whether you use lube or cream, always use your own. It is the one thing we won’t be sharing when fisting. Have your name on your bottle, or any significant color/design so it won’t be mistaken with someone else’s.

J-Lube is the most commonly used fisting powder. Always use it fresh, as it turns bad in 24 hours.

There is never too much lube, it’s better to drown a hole than wrecking it dry. You’ll avoid irritation and will play longer. In doubt, add some more. And more.



Because long nails can be harmful or simply uncomfortable, be sure to cut or file them very short.

Whether you wear gloves or not, fisting requires a very good hygiene. Hands and forearms must be washed and disinfected before and after every session to kill all bacteria from your skin and the hole you just wrecked.
J-lube is sometimes hard to clean off. If you’re rushing from a hole to the next, only gloves can avoid the bacteria exchange.




Hands touch everything, everywhere and, in doing so, carry a lot of germs. They also might have cuts or sores under the nails, between the fingers or on the wrists. Despite fisting being considered low risk, barely noticeable micro tears are likely to occur inside your hole and, in all cases, only wearing gloves will protect you from infections (HIV, gonorrhea, hepatitis, chlamydia, etc.).

Disposable latex or nitrile gloves are best worn tight, to avoid uncomfortable folds. For the powdered ones, make sure to turn them inside out as the powder isn’t compatible with the mucous membrane. It’s always best to wear gloves on both hands and be sure to change for a new pair of gloves after every break or every time you switch to a new hole.

Some people prefer fisting with bare hands. It must be a mutually approved decision and risks must be acknowledged. Know you and your partner’s status regarding HIV and all other infections. Get tested regularly.

Prep recently brought a relief in the European and American gay community (Prep still isn’t available in many countries) seeing HIV becoming less of a threat. But HIV isn’t the only virus out there. Going bare on Prep means accepting the idea that there’s high chances to get infected by other viruses or diseases. Being treated for those can take days, weeks or months (during which you’re not supposed to have sex if you don’t want to infect others). Gloves and condoms are still the only efficient way to avoid infections.

I play only with gloves. I won’t start doing bareback porn under the pressure (no need to send any more request on the topic). Meanwhile, you might find some of my partners fisting bare with others. It is their choice, they know the risks and it is all that matters. No judgment or shaming should be made of either glove users or non-users. Don’t let anyone decide for you, make your own choices and embrace your life!



As mentioned above, fisting requires a clear mind. Some compare it to meditation because it helps to get rid of stress and anxiety and reach an inner peace. To be able to relax, watch your breathing. Never hold it. Inhale and exhale deeply. Now, smile to your fister and let go.


Keep away from drugs. Our holes don’t need to cheat to take fists, and I’m one example among many others.


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