POSTED ON: 27 September 2020 02:17 AM

It's now time to go back home after a wonderful week in paradise... until next time !


'Say Something'

POSTED ON: 26 September 2020 11:46 AM

After 'The Shore', Kosmic Sans invited Asher Hattori and Axel Abysse to share the screen on her 'Say Something' performance video.

Performer : Kosmic Sans ( IG )
Gogos : Asher Hattori & Axel Abysse
Music : 'Say something' - Kylie Minogue

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POSTED ON: 25 September 2020 02:49 AM

Photography by JBZ.

In and out of summer...

Catch Asher Hattori and myself in Kosmic Sans' new video performance, streaming live from Bar Theatre Ludo in Osaka, tomorrow 20:00 (JST) in Pleasure Party (drag, vogue, stand up and more shows in both English & Japanese) on YouTube !

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Out Today

POSTED ON: 25 September 2020 12:00 AM

New scene release : Lockdown, Ep.4 - Consequence

Heavy hangover… Bottle, massive dildo and double-punching, Axel let Yoshi do whatever he wants with his sloppy hole. 

This is the fourth out of eight episodes of the 'Lockdown' series, co-produced with Yoshi Kawasaki.

Now also on VOD : Tatami


POSTED ON: 24 September 2020 08:17 AM

Oh Damian... can't wait for our next encounter !

How did you like 'Iris' ?



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