Coming Soon - Insomniacs

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Title: Insomniacs
Release Date: March 9th, 2018


Hotel. Night.

While everyone is asleep, the creep is out again, as hungry as ever.


Infrared cameras, outdoor exhibition and sloppy hole. Fans have been asking for it : here is the sequel to ‘Insomniac’, Axel’s most conceptual and yet popular scene.


Coming Soon - Hunger, Part 2 (with Bulrog)

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Title: Hunger, Part 2
Release Date: February 23rd, 2018

Fisting is all about sharing. It’s now time for Bulrog to offer his hairy hole. Axel takes his time, giving attention to every moan, every squirt, creating a generous gape…

Both wrecked, they will soon feast on an original inside out banana milk-shake. Hungry much ?

Urges - Department H

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Time to go home after an all night craziness at Tokyo's most outrageous party : Department H...
But Axel can't help being challenged by the last beat " Give it to me one more time ", jumps on stage and calls Asher for help.

A little bit of kitsch, a lot of lube and a glamorous touch, thanks to Kosmic Sans cameo appearance.

New clip added to the "Urges" collection !

New category : "Manifesto"

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Want to learn more about fisting and safety basic rules ? Visit the new category "Manifesto".
More tips and articles to come !


Coming Soon - Among Us

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Title: Among Us
Release Date: February 9th, 2018


No script. No plan. Join Axel and his friends in a timeless orgy for a glimpse of authentic pleasure.

With Buono_Buono, FFenix, FFreshFFlesh, FFunVieBln & Axel.


20 February 2020 EDEN : Surrender Show
11 June 2020 REEGUR Rose Bowl 2020

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