'Piss Off' wins more prizes

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Since its premiere few months ago, Henry Baker's 'Piss Off' documentary keep travelling the world, festival after festival and earn more trophies along the way.

Paris, Los Angeles, Melbourne... Find the expanding awards list on the film's page.

Make sure not to miss the next viewing opportunities, the rumors say Athleticpisspig is himself attending some of the venues and never stay dry too long...

The documentary 'Piss Off' for which Axel was interviewed is a historic underground gay document. Shocking. Disgusting. Taboo. Henry Baker’s first documentary takes an intimate look at the performance art of a gay millennial artist. Traveling the world, forming local groups, performing in public spaces – his name is Athleticpisspig, and he uses the mediums of piss, video and the internet to break social norms.

This documentary will change the way you pee.

Gaybator Awards

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The results of the 2019 Gaybator Porn Awards are here and, for the first time, Axel won both categories he was nominated in !

- Best Porn Star
- Best Ass

"To everyone who voted for me, thank you so much, this truly means a lot to me" tweeted Axel earlier.

Read more about the Gaybator Porn Awards winners here.

Congratulations to Axel and let's hope for more awards coming his way at the GayVN and Raven's Eden Awards !

Coming Soon - Oben

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Title: Oben
Release date: December 27, 2019


Confidence and self-control are left behind as Axel enters the room to experience the touch of a true sadist. Master Ron got his ropes ready…

Out Today - Playtime, part 2

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As we drop a new scene today and another next week, Axel and the team wish you a wonderFFul and warm holiday season.

New video release : 'Playtime, part 2' with Damian FF

Speculum, dildos, double fisting, roses and smile on their faces, Damian & Axel aren’t done playing inside each other !



Raven's Eden Awards

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More nominations for Axel as we're approaching the end of a very rich year !
After the GayVN and the Gaybator awards, Axel is nominated in the 13 (!) following categories for the Raven's Eden Awards 2020 :
1. Male Performer Of The Year
5. Best Fetish Performer
11. Fist Pig Of the Year
12. Best Fister
19. Best Website
24. Social Media Butterfly
31. Smooth & Sexy
36. Best All Male Group ('Abyssal Gang Bang')
39. Best International Star
45. Best Rosebud
47. Best Nipples/Nipple Play
48. Best VOD Site
58. Best Editing/Editor
You can vote here:



20 February 2020 EDEN : Surrender Show
11 June 2020 REEGUR Rose Bowl 2020

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