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X Lube Brand Ambassador

Posted On: 30 December 2019 06:24 AM | Comments(0)

You might have heard about it on social medias, Axel is now the new official brand ambassador of X Lube ! 

X Lube is a unique powder lubricant that is simply added to water resulting in a highly effective, clear lubrication gel suitable for all kinds of sexual play and obviously ideal for fisting. 

The collaboration is born from a genuine mutual appreciation. The powder lubricant was Axel's favorite for years until it disappeared. When the product came back in 2019, this collaboration came as an evidence !

Abysse flew to Berlin few months ago for an epic photoshoot with photographer E. Rerberg and the resulting pictures have started to pop up online. Make sure to follow X Lube on Twitter and Instagram to see more !

And if you're up for a rough made smooth fisting session, get X Lube on !

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