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WorldFetish Show at Darklands

Posted On: 27 January 2024 05:53 AM | Comments(0)

After winning the first prize of the WorldFetish Contest 2023 with a video directed by Axel Abysse himself, Labianna Joroe will be reunited with him and special guest Yoshi Kawasaki to represent Japan once again, live on the stage of Darklands !

The Worldfetish Show Contest has brightened up the lockdown period  two years ago with online editions. The top 10 contestants of the 2023 show will be able to perform live on stage at Darklands in a dazzling show. The show can be enjoyed by everyone with access to the  daytime festival (Day Festival ticket, Madness Pass, Alpha Madness Pass).

You can also opt for a fabulous 3 cours dinner to make the most out of this already memorable show.

Worldfetish Show Festival Live
Friday 1 March 2024 6 – 8 pm
Darklands main stage

More infos here.

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