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Master Ron turns into a sadistic doctor for the third part of his experiment. Fastened on a gynecological chair, Axel is about to get examined in depth...

Comments (3)

SONDIDDY 07 Oct 20 - Wow! That was very intense and very exciting. I absolutely loved watching the look of anticipation, excitement, and then complete ecstasy and bliss on Axel's face.
bareft4me 14 Mar 20 - Soooo HOT. I want one of those chairs. Would love to run across feet and suck between each for while doc works him over with procedures.
mjpfer19 28 Feb 20 - Wow that covered most of the kink's I can think of however I'm sure Axel will find a few more to experiment with for his fans. I hope so! He continues to expand his bag of tricks. Love him with his toys.