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Rencontre CULturelle

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In 2019, multi-disciplinary artist WOO YEAH invited Axel to Seoul, South Korea, for an extraordinary, unexpected art performance.

Inspired by his personal experience of Berlin's wild hedonism, as well as movies like 'Eyes Wide Shut' and 'Salo', the director created this shocking, ritualistic mashup of high-culture and low, a classical concert punctuated with extreme sex.

In this intriguing and erotic documentary, WOO YEAH takes us back to that unique night, discussing with stage partner Axel Abysse the personal inspirations that led to his creation: a conversation about cultural differences, the inner struggle of not belonging to mother country, serving the flag, and balancing creativity with sheer pleasure.

Comments (2)

SONDIDDY 20 Jan 22 - This was truly beautiful.
Badoud19541926 22 Aug 23 - Bonsoir J’ai découvert il y a quelques années le Fist avec la musique du clavier bien tempéré, il est extraordinaire comme Fistee ou comme Fisteur de se laisser épanouir et abandonner dans le sublime plaisir de l’interprétation de la main comme celle de l’interprète Remarquable aussi de jouer à 4 mains ou en 69 Essayez et dites-moi C’est une belle caresse pour jouir à 2