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The Experiment

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An experimental slimy goo wreaks delicious havoc on lab rats Axel and Syusaku. As they ladle thick strings of the glowing green substance onto each other's smooth naked bodies, a wild reaction mixes it with their bodily fluids. The mix pulses through their holes, their blood, their brains!

Syusaku and Axel are transformed into obsessed, out-of-control sex fiends, driven to mingle their flesh in the most outrageous ways. They fuck, fist and fill every orifice relentlessly with every tool and body part within reach.

Comments (7)

Glovefetishfreak 29 Oct 21 - Can you do another scene like this but with YoshiKawasaki fisting and fucking and foot fucking you that would be so hott
SHEARMAN4046 29 Oct 21 - Amazing and fascinating.
rubberleandre 29 Oct 21 - Your best video ever ! I hope that this is just the first of many others to come !
cuirrubber 30 Oct 21 - pas vraiment
PopperedDad 04 Nov 21 - Hard core performance art! Axel and Syusaku are exploring the multiverse of gay porn art. The is the new frontier.
Kadeau 06 Nov 21 - wow! ...I'm speechless.
Scottinsfca 09 Nov 21 - Damn!! This has to be one of your best videos, ever!!! Would love to see you Yoshi in the same setting!!!! So fucking hot!!!