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Read My Lips

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Two pussy boys on a bed can't go wrong. Cyd and Axel passionately devour each other before they put on gloves, ready to please : vaginal fisting, anal double fisting and a long series of loud orgasms.

Comments (9)

SONDIDDY 27 Sep 20 - That was beautiful! It was my first time seeing a FTM. For just a few seconds I was puzzled and curious. Then, I was like oh, okay. It was one of the most intense, hot and beautiful scenes I have ever seen. Also, Cyd is f*cking hot and beautiful and Axel and Cyd have intense chemistry together. ❤️
smilingfister 06 Aug 20 - This was GREAT. Hot watching this scene and how they were so connected. Specially hot, was watching Axel bring Cyd to an orgasm and the fucking, sexing expression on Cyd's face and response of his body when he came.
ultraprolapsepig 15 Dec 18 - Wonderful and absolutely unique!!
garyey 26 Oct 18 - Cyd brings out the best in Axel. Both are so great.
thickandtight 25 Sep 18 - This is one of the sexiest scenes I've ever encountered. You two are absolutely incredible together!
stevesdc97 12 Aug 18 - Awesome!!! That opened my eyes to aspects os sensuality and sexuality I didn't know were possible. I'd love to have a 3-way with Cyd and Axel!!!
mjpfer19 27 Jul 18 - Must agree with Toronto, THAT IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST SCENE EVER. You two are so into each other I came twice and was working on a 3rd. The "I love you" comment was perfect. Definitely do several more scenes with CYD.
Torontoffpig 16 Jul 18 - That was the best and hottest sex i have ever seen.. Axel do another video with him again...
nskin16 13 Jul 18 - you are both so hot.