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Lang Lang

"Lang Lang" is a fictional character originating from a Twitter account named 肉便犬育成訓練@KuangKu57395139 ( "Meat-Toilet Puppy Training." )Lang Lang aspires to become the most obedient meat toilet and the best puppy. He is curious about all kinds of kinky topics and imaginary scenes. Addicted unconventional ideas and scenarios that are bold and new. He’s a switch. He loves the grant wishes. Lang Lang can be either an aggressive Top, or a resilient bottom that is desperate to take a lot. And sometimes even in the middle, pumping asses, while a huge cock shoving up his hole. Sometimes he’s a dungeon master that’s stern and forceful, another time a brainless sex toy that it’s only purpose is to please it’s master, get fucked and drool.

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