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Crushed V

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In the culmination of this mind blowing fisting foursome, Axel, Yoshi and aFFon are piled up on top of each other, forming a tower of luscious butts dripping in X Lube. Lang use them all, punching two at once, switching to the other and vice versa, before they all burst into an explosion of fluids and lie in their puddle of bliss.

Comments (4)

SHEARMAN4046 10 Nov 23 - "Good pigs. Really good pigs." Agreed.
peteofgermany 12 Nov 23 - Fuck, a fountain of piss, lube and poke - I love it - wanne be a part of this
peteofgermany 12 Nov 23 - fuck, a fountain of Piss, poke lube and sperm
Docebrown 03 Dec 23 - Absolutely amazing pig gy play. Would so good to be part of this sort of fun