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5PM in LA

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While touring in California, Axel gets to meet with the incredible Cory Jay : a warm afternoon session full of punches and prolapse eating

Comments (6)

ultraprolapsepig 13 Nov 18 - Great performances!Axel,your hole is the hottest in the world, so wonderful!
nanmao 13 Aug 18 - Like to see you huff poppers
hungbuddyforffun 11 Aug 18 - super hot!
axelabysse 27 May 18 - I do hope to meet and play again with Cory !
coreyjay 23 May 18 - I love that comment. Thanks.
mjpfer19 18 May 18 - Nice to see Cory in a current scene. He is one of the pioneers of fisting . Would like to see a follow up with Axel doing Cory who likes it DEEP and Large. Axel as always is perfect and is the best at his craft. More, More Axel!!!!