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Wake Me Up

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A massive cock and two enormous fists, Axel couldn't wait any longer and had to wake Ray Diesel up.

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SONDIDDY 29 Sep 20 - That was amazing. You are so sweet and so sexy, Axel. I believe that high pitched sound of pleasure was a new sound I heard from you. ? It was so cute. ? I loved it! ?❤️
Fonkyfresh 30 Jun 20 - This was hot. Verbal, intimate.
mjpfer19 23 Jun 20 - Have to agree with BoyPanties, That is one of the most beautiful cocks on film. Axel at his best, I suspect they kept going after the camera was off. I know I sure would. Nice to see Axel warm up his hole with that cock. Would like to see more like that scene. Although I love to see Axel riding massive dildo's ( I envy his ability) this was a great scene. Thanks!!
BoyPanties 19 Jun 20 - Such a perfect scene. Axel’s tight alabaster boy body surrendering to a stunning black man is unbelievably erotic. Wet open mouths, drenched cock, and a greasy violated boy pussy combine into a very intimate and hot intimate fuck session. A+
billyb1012 21 Jul 22 - Excellent! Very sensual.