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Carnage I

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After many years away from porn, the legendary Trent Bloom is back with a cunt sloppier than ever ! Thanks to their common passion anal destruction, it comes as no surprise that Axel and his idol connect right away. No script or decor needed, the two pigs have been waiting for this and get straight to the action : giant gape stretching, prolapse eating, and heavy double punching !

Comments (3)

SONDIDDY 27 Sep 20 - I would give that 10 ⭐ if I could. Intense, intense, intense! 👍
Aussieff 03 Jan 19 - Love the connection between you two. Nothing better than locking eyes with a bttm during a hard punch session.
odinnot 09 Oct 18 - happy 1 year anniversary, this site is best place to find axel work