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Carnage II

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Axel isn't done with his mentor just yet. Sitting on giant toys, Trent shows off the limitless elasticity of his cunt, inviting Morgan the cameraman to drop the camera and join for a three hand stretch ! Loose and swollen, he finally is ready to swallow a football whole : a classic !

Comments (8)

FistFanLuvsTwink 20 Nov 19 - That’s the definition of a ruined & destroyed hole! This is my inspiration.... I want my hole to be this loose. Hole destruction is my passion
bottompigboi 17 Dec 18 - wow this is so good!
ohdawg 18 Nov 18 - Hot scene. Could have used more farting, though
bodytalk 19 Oct 18 - Great! Do it again pls! 3some. Chains. Baseball bat. Football. double. three hand stretches. whatever ;-) More of that pls! And Axel should take it like this too. looking forward...
DukeWy 19 Oct 18 - Wow,how to hell you top this!!
mjpfer19 19 Oct 18 - WOW is right!!! More of Trent, PLEASE ! Axel it's your turn for a three hand and a football. We know you can do it and would LOVE it.
AngelSlJunior 19 Oct 18 - Wow, Wow, Wow... INCREDIBLE!!! Thank You Axel! Thank You Trent! Thank You Morgan!
LB251073 19 Oct 18 - Mais quel cul. Superbe vidéo 😜😜👍👍