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Compilation 7 - French

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Putain, the best lovers are also the sleaziest. Axel is always sure to get his hole well treated when he visits back home.

Excerpts from :
'Baiser' with Anteo Chara & Axel Abysse
'Playtime, part 1' with Damian FF & Axel Abysse
'Loud Whispers' with Hotlance, Oliff, Loxias, KinkyParis88 & Axel Abysse
'Shout' with Bulrog & Axel Abysse

Comments (2)

axelabysse 16 Nov 20 - Malheureusement, pas de passage en France en temps de pandémie... J'espère venir dès que la situation s'arrangera !
minervada 13 Nov 20 - bientôt en France ?