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Playtime, Part 1

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Wrecking a hole is always fun ! Damian and Axel share their toys and tricks in a delightful moment of lust !

Comments (4)

spencer8701 06 Dec 19 - Where is part two to this?
Nickpitts 10 Nov 19 - Besides just being fu¢king hot... the chemistry and intimacy these two have is off the charts! Sends me over the edge! Two beautiful men here really enjoying each other!
mjpfer19 08 Nov 19 - Damian is the perfect partner for Axel. He is just as flexible as Axel and just as kinky. Even has identical pierces More of these two with more toys.
Mikhaelson68 08 Nov 19 - Super sexy, I wish I could taste these holes as the rose cums out xxx