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Hungry, Axel invited a twink over. Joey will quickly learn how to stuff both his hands up the hole and break the curse !

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mjpfer19 26 Feb 21 - That is so hot! Been waiting for Axel to take a double. Thanks!! You are my hero I just wish I could handle 1/4 of what you do. More scenes like this would be appreciated. In my book, the wider and longer is perfect. Can't wait for the next installment. Does Joey bottom and when are we going to enjoy that scene?
AxelAbysse 02 Mar 21 - Thank you ! Plenty of double in the 'Lockdown' series too ! The miracles a pandemic can bring... Joey doesn't take a fist yet, but who knows what's the future made of !
Seanjack 04 Apr 21 - Dude...You weren't kidding about being HNGRY! Your hole was so horny and open. A more experienced top would've really blown that incredible ass open. Still a great video. THANKS!!