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Joyful and obedient, Pup Davey is such a good boy. He's offering his hole for you to stuff and punch relentlessly. His cute smile and his gorgeous rose will make you want to adopt him !

Comments (8)

Raymond 14 Jun 20 - sublime hummmm
mjpfer19 17 Jan 20 - This guy is amazing, we need more of him and that hole. Where is part 2 & 3 & 4? Broaden the kink would be nice.
gaywatch007 06 Nov 19 - Wow - hottest Puppy ever. I want a reunion (part 2) ;)
Japanfistboy 12 Sep 19 - Thank you for this amazing video! I can’t wait to see more of Davey's hole soon.
garyey 07 Sep 19 - more...I really liked the scene at 15:53ff where they play with Davey's abdominal wall. Keep it up guys!
garyey 07 Sep 19 - Such a beautiful face. Such tender love between both! I hope to see many more from this pup.
Rodneychch 07 Sep 19 - Best video yet. Davey is such a hot bottom. loved it
ultraprolapsepig 07 Sep 19 - Wonderful big fisthole. Congratulations Davey. I love your speaking sloppy hole so much. Great fisting Action by Axel. Thank you Boys for a wonderful session!!!