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Fisting underwater ? Hold you breath, Axel is opening his hole deeper than ever.
Follow his curse in the big blue...

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axelabysse 17 Oct 20 - Thank you ! This was shot in Okinawa, Japan. You can learn more about it in the Xbiz article (link in the news) !
SONDIDDY 16 Oct 20 - That was so unique and so beautiful. Thank you for creating that beauty and sharing it with us. You are so blessed to have the opportunity to experience these beautiful moments. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. 💙💙💙
mjpfer19 16 Oct 20 - Beautiful setting. Where was it shot? That hole is beautiful above or below the water. Would have liked to see the cum underwater so we could watch it float up. Love you as always. Keep feeding your hole. Bigger IS better.
spencer8701 05 Feb 21 - This was so beautifully shot. Anything you do makes me cum. You’re so beautiful