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Night Walk

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Summer is here, it's finally time for Axel to go out and show off his trashed cunt ! In full rubber, he walks the streets with his own fist up his ass, expose his sins by a church and receive the blessing of his cameraman

Comments (5)

andropya 28 Dec 20 - Best GAG I’ve ever seen.
SONDIDDY 25 Sep 20 - Watching you brings me such joy. I love your spirit! You are f*cking awesome, dude!
axelabysse 28 Jul 20 - Weekly, even daily self fisting when time allows ! I simply can’t stop. Get some good silicone toys or plugs and upsize every now and then, you’ll get there ! Enjoy the journey mjpfer19 !
mjpfer19 26 Jul 20 - Axel I love everything you do. I'm just getting into fisting. Not there yet. Some advise would be appreciated, how many times a day do you self fist or use dildoes and a but plug to keep that beautiful hole open and ready? I have a long way to go before I can take a fist but I am so anxious to get there. Any advise you could give would be invaluable.. Thanks from a real fan and future fist rider.
Aussieff 24 Jul 20 - You look GORGEOUS in your rubber; Your tits peeking through the front and your lips peeking out the back ??? This is easily one of your best yet. Lots of nice surprises.