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Chucho invited Axel over. Waiting on his knees, he's ready for a shaky ride...

Comments (3)

SONDIDDY 27 Sep 20 - That was so hot and Chucho is so cute. In a comment on a prior video, I stated that I enjoyed watching Axel as a top almost as much as I did watching him as a bottom. After this video, I changed my mind. I enjoy watching him as a top just as much as I do a bottom. ❤️
smilingfister 13 Aug 20 - Hot fisting session, loved the way Chucho just let himself go and was always in the moment of just being while Axel gave him a hot and heavy fisting. Are you free Axel, next Friday!?
Fonkyfresh 14 Jun 20 - So hot. Fist him again