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Paradox Alpha

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Cagedjock condemned himself years ago, locking his useless dick in a chastity device. The weaker his tool gets, the stronger become his mind and body...

For his first encounter with Axel, his sadistic side takes over, proving the Alpha Male isn't what we could expect. Hands tied, head shaved and face fucked, Axel leaks on the floor as he asks for more, until exhaust.

Comments (6)

andropya 28 Dec 20 - Best facefuck ever! I’ve done something like this one time with a real big cock all night long. My throat was literally burning. But it was great.
SONDIDDY 21 Oct 20 - That, I believe, was the most intense scene with you as a bottom I have seen so far. I felt CagedJock was extremely pushing your limits of swallowing the strap-on, but right as you hit your limit he rewarded you by putting it inside your 'boy pussy'. This is how I saw the scene through your physical and facial responses, though I am an admitted complete novice. It was a complete joy to watch. Thank you. ?
DiscoCrisco 13 May 20 - You both are outrageously outstanding! It trivial but true that this is one of the best video I ever seen because I really desired to be you in this blast of joy, pain and pleasure.
DukeWy 25 Jul 18 - Awesome video,made me cum hard and fast.
nskin16 15 Jun 18 - That has to be the hottest video yet, and I thought some of your other videos were hot, but that beats them all. I was hard throughout. Now that is what I call perverted. Thanks for a really sensational vid.
mjpfer19 15 Jun 18 - WOW! Axel you are the man. We all know your ass can take that dick but you did a outstanding job of swallowing that monster. THANKS....