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Slippery When Wet

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At a bathhouse, Parker joins Axel in the shower for a very humid fisting session...

Videography by Dominic Pacifico

Comments (4)

SONDIDDY 06 Oct 20 - Okay. I watched this video the other day, but I wanted to wait until I had time to process it to comment. If the shove at the end was part of the choreography and Axel was comfortable with it, it's fine. If it wasn't, however, that shove was a real 'dick move' and I didn't like it at all.
RickCowl 03 Jul 19 - Parker looks like it's his first time fisting. A real amateur. Didn't like the shove he gave Axel at the end, either.
axelabysse 29 Jan 21 - To be fair++ I told me++ he's
Piercy62 21 Oct 23 - Geile Bodys. Schön offen präsentieren