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Hunger, Part 2

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Fisting is all about sharing. It's now time for Bulrog to offer his hairy hole. Axel takes his time, giving attention to every moan, every squirt, creating a generous gape...
Both wrecked, they will soon feast on an original inside out banana milk-shake. Hungry much?

Comments (4)

redy69 28 Nov 18 - Please, please, please MORE eating food from ass, especially with Bulrog. This is the HOTTEST porn scene ever. I'm in to this myself now, banana's never tasted so sweet. Oh and I even tried a tunnel plug, filling his ass up with milk shake and putting a straw in there to suck it all out - YUMMM
clarkyboy321 02 May 18 - this is the hottest porn video i've ever seen. i've never understood why there wasn't more weird gay assplay porn around. there is loads of straight enema/food/fart anal porn, so there's clearly a market for it. keep the noisy enemas coming!
ohdawg 12 Apr 18 - Favorite video so far. I love enema play. I hope to see more soon.
spermadweil 17 Sep 22 - OOOOMyFistFuckingGod.......FEEL FUCKING CUM HUNGRY WATCHING THIS SACRED SHIT !