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The Shore

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Direction : Axel Abysse
Videography : Kosmic Sans
Assistant : Christoph Smyth
Music: 3PM

A lifeguard finds a merman stranded away from the abyss...
A fisting tale under the burning sun of Okinawa.

Comments (5)

SONDIDDY 30 Sep 20 - Exceptional video shooting and imagery, especially the shooting from a distance towards the end when you two were on the rocks and the sun was setting. It was truly beautiful. ❤️
Angelcaido21 06 Apr 20 - Gran fan d'extérieur (nous en avions parlé par mail interposé lors de ton gang bang à Paris), je trouve ce video fucking amazing ! Magnifiques images et vous deux êtes délicieux! Merci
shearm40 27 Mar 20 - Clearly among your best!! The inclusion of WS and rimming fun, with kissing intimacy made this spectacular. I am not usually a fan of outdoor videos. This is a worthy exception to the rule.
SHEARMAN4046 18 Oct 21 - Truly dreamy thoughout.
Goldhole96 03 Jun 23 - he saved your hole from opening up and filling it with sand, not you, hehhe, they were just roughing up that butt, greetings, and only really rough