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Compilation 1 - Outdoor

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Public exhibition is the best way to escape from the boredom of confinement. In the street or in the forest, there's nothing Axel loves more than fisting in the open air ! Excerpts from : 'Follow Me' with Ray Dexter & Axel Abysse 'Insolacion' with Rogue Status & Axel Abysse 'Wild, Part 1' with JP Philips, Philip Logan & Axel Abysse 'Refill' with Athleticpisspig, Joel Daniels & Axel Abysse 'Rooftop, Part 1' with Punched93 & Axel Abysse

Comments (2)

SONDIDDY 30 Sep 20 - The entire compilation was great, but my favorite part was with athleticpisspig at the top of the stairs. I laughed so hard when the passerby lady walked by you and down the stairs. You in a latex suit. Athleticpisspig shirtless with lubed up latex gloves. Nope, nothing happening here. I loved it! ?❤️
shearm40 03 Apr 20 - Thanks!! Scene with AP was super -- arms up shoeing shaved pits, piss, and fisting-- what more could one what? Rimming, perhaps?