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Power bottoms make the best tops. Sherman, Nate and Axel got together for an extraordinary session, giving as much as they want to take. Tender kisses and laughters punctuate the wild chariot, double punching and elbow deep fisting.

Comments (6)

karlau23 12 Apr 20 - Whaouh mes 3 préfères !!! Merci Axel pour ce triangle extraordinaire
Jskip88 29 Jul 19 - Amazing. I’ve fantasized Axel and Nate Grimes collaborating, for a long time. Adding a third to the mix was the cherry on top!! I hope they do more together in the future!!
maboose 26 Jul 19 - FFucking Awesome. Total Filthy Hot Trio
ultraprolapsepig 26 Jul 19 - Great Performance....thank you Boys!!FF in perfection. Wonderful! I love these opened and punched holes. FFantastic!!
SHEARMAN4046 18 Oct 21 - The Tripple Crown of FF talent here. Wow. The rimming and kissing moments were so sexy!
peteofgermany 01 Jan 23 - FFantastc!!