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Swine 1

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Directed by Amaury Grisel.

Axel and John Thomas finally meet ! Bulrog is hosting the session: fists, elbows and drippy holes, these horny pigs are about to wet the bed !

Comments (4)

SONDIDDY 11 Jan 21 - AMAZING!!!! ??
shearm40 01 Jan 21 - Tongues and piss, along with fists and kisses. Brilliant. John Thomas' hole is never rimmed enough. He has such beautiful ass lips. They deserve many kisses. Thank you for this great start.
Laurent 24 Jan 21 - Top !! amazing ! i love when there is kiss and sensuality and hard sex with piss at the same time ! The best movie of Axel with the best partners !
B0tt0meater59 15 Aug 22 - WOW! You guys are nasty and I love it. Especially liked the piss shower from Axels ass onto John Thomas' face and mouth-beautiful.