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Lockdown Ep.3 - Sharp

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Time for a haircut... Yoshi shaves Axel then uses the cream to slip inside his hole. As the menthol sensation amplifies the pleasure, Yoshi's fist slides deeper than ever !

This is the third episode of 'Lockdown', a series co-produced with Yoshi Kawasaki.

Comments (4)

SONDIDDY 26 Sep 20 - OMFG! That was so erotic and hot! ? I haven't been with anyone since my boyfriend died five years ago, but, g*dd*mn, that woke a ?in my loins!
mjpfer19 16 Sep 20 - Loved the shaving beginning. The belly bulge was so hot. I would love to spend the lock down with these two. By the time it's over I surely would be able to take a whole fist ( right now only get 4 fingers) can't wait for full entry. More scenes like this please.
stretchff 11 Sep 20 - Your belly bulge on top of your wrecked hole gives me life!
spermadweil 23 Oct 21 - add more POPPERS SNIFFING please ???????????????