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Piss Off

Posted On: 18 August 2019 01:00 AM

Axel was recently interviewed about his experiences with Athleticpisspig for 'Piss Off', a documentary by director Henry Baker.

A historic underground gay document. Shocking. Disgusting. Taboo. Henry Baker’s first documentary takes an intimate look at the performance art of a gay millennial artist. Traveling the world, forming local groups, performing in public spaces – his name is Athleticpisspig, and he uses the mediums of piss, video and the internet to break social norms.

The movie is selected at the Indie Short Fest in Los Angeles, hopefully the first of a long list of festivals.

Find more about it here.

Coming Soon - Blush

Posted On: 09 August 2019 04:59 AM

Title: Blush
Release date: August 23, 2019

One bench for two pigs. Axel and Josh Mikael take turns stretching and trashing their holes until exhaustion…

Mermaid, Eagle Tokyo Blue

Posted On: 07 August 2019 02:35 AM

Date : Sunday, August 11 

Venue : Eagle Tokyo Blue

Among drag queens and gogo boys, Axel will do a sexy appearance on Mermaid's stage for Will's birthday special !
Don't miss the fun at Tokyo's best gay bar, Eagle Blue !

Coming Soon - Follow Me

Posted On: 29 July 2019 12:09 AM

Title: Follow Me
Release date: August 9, 2019


Axel walks the streets with his puppy tail plugged in his hole, on his way to meet Ray for an outdoor fuck. Rough ass and throat fucking behind a truck, fisting on a terrasse, the risk to get caught never felt so good.

Coming Soon - Triangle

Posted On: 12 July 2019 05:59 AM

Title: Triangle
Release date: July 26, 2019


Power bottoms make the best tops. Sherman, Nate and Axel got together for an extraordinary session, giving as much as they want to take. Tender kisses and laughters punctuate the wild chariot, double punching and elbow deep fisting.


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