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Posted On: 25 November 2022 12:00 AM

Title: Anani 19
Release date: December 9th, 2022

When he’s feeling piggy, Axel always goes back to his filthy clothes collection. The public toilet scent in the air only turns him even more, ready to ride his brand new fuck machine.


Posted On: 18 November 2022 01:44 AM

Exclusivity, 'The Experiment' with Syusaku and Axel is nominated in the 'Best Fetish' at the GayVN 2023. The ceremony will take place in Las Vegas on January 5th.

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Posted On: 18 November 2022 01:41 AM

Title: Fill Me Up, Part 2
Release date: November 25th, 2022

The pigs want more, time to get on all fours. The cursed gaping hole welcomes every punch while his gigantic inflated balls bounce back and fourth. Georgi’s swollen ass lips aren’t done for either, ready to suck on Axel’s arms some more.

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Posted On: 05 November 2022 11:22 PM

Title: Inflation (Bonus)
Release date: November 11th, 2022

On vacation in Gran Canaria with Yoshi, Axel gets his first ever saline injection in his ball sack.

Title: Fill Me Up, Part 1
Release date: November 18th, 2022

His balls are fuller than ever but the hole is desperately empty ! Axel meets GeorgiMitevFF at Time Off, the fisting club in Gran Canaria, for a deep session in the sling.

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Posted On: 28 October 2022 12:34 AM

Title: Eruption, part 2
Release date: November 4th, 2022

The bed is drenched but the raunchy smell in the room gets our boy going: Max spreads his ass for Axel’s fists. They empty their bladder inside each other, recycling over and over until the thirst is quenched.



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