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Posted On: 26 February 2023 08:11 AM

Title: Device
Release date: March 10th, 2023

Made to be used, the cursed hole is Mr. S newest twisted toy. On the floor or strapped to a torture chair, Axel is enjoying every stroke of the dildo mechanically hitting his prostate, before opening his guts to his master’s fists.

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Posted On: 19 February 2023 06:03 AM

Title: Noise In The Attic, Part Two
Release date: February 24th, 2023

Grunting and splattering, there’s some intense fuckery happening upstairs ! Axel And Rocky ride both Lucio’s arms while making out before sharing his golden shower. They can’t be stopped until completely wrecked.

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Posted On: 09 February 2023 10:05 PM

Title: Anani 20
Release date: February 17th, 2023

Feeling demonic, Axel crashes his nipples, poke his bladder until it squirts everywhere but nothing can stop his hunger until he takes his Twisted Beast for a ride.

Wanted: Taiwan !

Posted On: 09 February 2023 12:00 AM

For the first time since 2019, Axel is coming back to Taipei !

For one week, he will be hunting and fisting all the talents the Taiwanese capital has to offer, so don't be shy and apply now:

You must be sober (no drugs) and an experienced fister, versatile or bottom. No masks, we want your pretty face. All genders, colors and shapes are welcome !


Posted On: 03 February 2023 12:00 AM

A new series of shibari photos from the talented Amaury Grisel has been added to the Gallery collection.


10 June 2023 Erotica Film Festival