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Axel walks the streets with his puppy tail plugged in his hole, on his way to meet Ray for an outdoor fuck. Rough ass and throat fucking behind a truck, fisting on a terrasse, the risk to get caught never felt so good.

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sweetbitch 08 Feb 20 - the boy is definitely blessed!
shearm40 12 Aug 19 - Authentic encounter. Exudes sexiness. Thanks for the moment of piss. Did I miss any rimming. I am always looking for those two. And always glad to find a new one from you.
Japanfistboy 10 Aug 19 - This is the best video you’ve ever made! I knew the ending was coming, but I didn’t know how. And then as the ending got near I knew it was going to be amazing. But there was just no foreseeing that final scene! Exchanges of kisses More Ray please Please edit: I’m wanking again now
XtraTallXLHung 19 Jun 21 - The throat fucking in this video is TOP NOTCH especially towards the end . Beautiful .