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Daydream, Part 2

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Prolapse for days ! Axel can't get enough of Gr8holeofchina's hanging meat... He then offers his own guts for a last round of deep investigation...

Comments (5)

brumfist 24 Oct 19 - this video is amazing. more of this guy please! i just resubscribed to the site and its great to see loads of new creative content. easily the best fist website around, and probably the most creative porn site, period. every video is unique, its genuinely filthy (in a fun way), celebrates different types of bodies and gender expressions and doesnt sanitise the sex, or cut out the "ugly bits" - we all love talking assholes, arses fart during sex, it's hot! can we get a fart focused video? thanks so much!
Aussieff 22 Jun 19 - Amazing video from start to finish!
ultraprolapsepig 18 Jun 19 - Absolutely great! I love the bottle session...The speaking asshole and the big rosebud.So hot!!!Great job and a ffantastic vid. Thank you Boys!!
wiltsbadger 14 Jun 19 - Magical - rosebud for breakfast, lunch and dinner too - one of the best yet, Axel must think he's in heaven !!!!!
Sansrod 22 Jul 22 - Delícia de vídeo. Um jeito novo de tomar vodka.