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Lockdown Ep.8 - Liberation

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The quarantine is lifted, the pigs are back in the wild ! Fully exposed, they give it all, one ultimate effort to completely demolish their holes.

Comments (7)

axelabysse 12 Jan 21 - Thank you Kadeau ! I can promise you this is not the last you'll see Yoshi and I together, more is coming soon !
Kadeau 11 Jan 21 - Omg! this is beyond hot! Yoshi and Axel have become so totally devoted to wrecking one another's holes. You guys are a sexual masterpiece, hopefully, while the series is over, this exquisite duo have many videos to come. More daylight videos would be amazing too. I know they're risky but this scene made me cum ropes!
cuirrubber 22 Dec 20 - un sommet!
Seanjack 04 Apr 21 - WOW!!! I have no words
angelojaco 05 Jul 21 - Honestly,, I would not be surprised if you two got married, the chemistry...
Scottinsfca 08 Oct 21 - OMG!! This is the hottest video I’ve seen, ever!!! I’ve been watching you Axel for so many years, and i just now came across your site. Of course! I signed up immediately, and this is the first video I watch. Life could not get any better! Thank you to both of you boys!! You both are the hottest men out here, and i fucking mean it! I love they way you guys wreck each others’ holes, then share the tender kisses. Holy fuck!! Way past hot!!
PupDee 01 Nov 21 - BRAAAVOOOO! these whole lockdown videos are just masterpiece #twothumbsup