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Lockdown Ep.5 - Intake

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No more eating out, no problem. Yoshi cooked for two but his hole is about to swallow everything... Pasta fisting, anyone ?

This is the fifth episode of 'Lockdown', a series co-produced with Yoshi Kawasaki.

Comments (4)

shearm40 23 Oct 20 - Both bizarre and fascinating. The excitement of strange erotica comes through. Seldom works for me. This did. Nice work.
Scottinsfca 09 Oct 21 - I fucking loved this!! Watching you eat and drink out of Yoshi’s ass is hot as hell, especially when you share it with Yoshi.
spermadweil 23 Oct 21 - make "FOOD SEX" a categorie on itself.....lots of variations possible !! give us more of that blessed SHIT! (more PISS would ve been welcum , even!)
spermadweil 23 Oct 21 - precious CUM should ve been added , don t ye think ?????