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Dim lights and fluffy cushions, Axel put on some lingerie, preparing for a tender moment with Kenta… Nipples are gently caressed, lips are passionately kissed, it’s all very soft until the puffy hole is revealed, hungry for pounding and relentless punching.

Comments (5)

mjpfer19 30 Jan 22 - Great scene, Axel took a long and thorough pounding and I think he still wanted more. Axel it would be over the top for a follow up timed to see how long you can take a pounding maybe with sever partners topping. Love you!!
mjpfer19 30 Jan 22 - Axel love you, Great long pounding, love it. It seemed like you wanted more? Would love to see a timed scene with several top working that beautiful ass for as long as possible. I know there is a old scene with multiple tops, that is great, how about a update? Thanks
AxelAbysse 02 Feb 22 - May be it's time for another 'Abyssal Gang Bang', mjpfer19 ? I hope I can make it happen soon enough !
Reekfarina 29 Apr 22 - Mmmmmmmm Splendid lingerie???
Reekfarina 19 May 22 - Mmmmmmmm mmmmmm fantastico i want ti see again another video like that