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Sam gets his hands in the cursed hole, ready to draw juices out of his sissified Axel.

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SONDIDDY 01 Oct 20 - I really like the way you look in that outfit. ❤️ I find that I very much like watching you being brought to orgasm as a bottom. I find myself in my head thanking your costar for pleasuring you and making you orgasm. I don't know if that's weird or not, but when you said "thank you" to Syron I had already thanked him for you in my head. ?
ultraprolapsepig 07 Oct 19 - Such a horny vid! Axel, i love your hole so much. It's the hottest in the world.Great job Boys!!
stretchff 04 Oct 19 - So wild and sensual all at once! Love it!