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Directed by Ivan Sobris

When in Paris, do as the Parisians do. Anteo and Axel show once again that fisting can be the most honest and tender proof of affection.

Comments (4)

Laurent 05 Jan 21 - chaud et sensuel, ça fait du bien de voir du cul avec de la sensualité. Très bien filmé, belle lumière
SONDIDDY 05 Oct 20 - I enjoyed watching you, Axel, with Anteo very much. You were so sweet and tender with each other and it was lovely to watch. 💙💙💙
pectofan 06 Oct 18 - magnifique connivence entre les 2 partenaires! très sensuel et esthétique
jamesrjames 30 Aug 18 - beau trou du cul poilu