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The Couch

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Who needs dungeons ? For the fisting sluts Drew and Axel, a good old couch in an empty room will do for what they have in mind : hole stretching, prostate punching and rosebud eating !

Comments (3)

ultraprolapsepig 15 Dec 18 - Great performance,thank you boys, that´s so hot!
AngelSlJunior 15 Dec 18 - Yeah! I appreciate the previous comment a lot! After all, Axel's asshole is his main sexual organ... Indeed! Thanks for the gr8 anal show Axel, again!
BarryBen 14 Dec 18 - What really makes my cock hard about this scene is that it’s all about Axel’s HOLE – like many of his movies. There’s a bit of kissing and Axel gets down and sucks Drew’s big cock but it’s mainly all about Drew destroying Axel’s hole. It is so sexy that neither Drew nor Axel pay attention whatsoever to Axel’s cock. Hidden away in his red briefs, Drew never sucks it and never even touches it and as usual Axel doesn’t jack off whilst he’s getting fisted. And as usual, Axel doesn’t get to shoot his cum load, which is so fucking hot. It’s not about cumming or shooting his load – nobody cares about that - it’s all about his asshole.