POSTED ON: 31 May 2020 10:58 PM

Today, Instagram suspended Axel's account @AxelAbysseProd without explanation.
We will appeal and see if it can be retrieved. 

Coming Soon - The Other Side, Part 2

POSTED ON: 29 May 2020 12:01 AM

Title: The Other Side, Part 2
Release date: June 5, 2020


Direction : Amaury Grisel


The more they have, the more they want. Punches, massive Hankey toy, sixty-nine, Harvyap and Axel aren’t done just yet.

Out Today

POSTED ON: 29 May 2020 12:00 AM

New scene release : Anani 9


Our lonely Axel shares his curse online and finds some comfort in self-fisting and tentacle erotica.

The Taintacle dildos are available in three sizes on

Now also on VOD : The Other Side, Part 1

Press - Nuga talks about love and surrender (i-D Japan)

POSTED ON: 27 May 2020 04:29 AM

i-D Japan pubished an article about the Surrender Show for which Yoshi Kawasaki and Axel Abysse fisted each other on stage, illustrated by beautiful photos of the event by Ameya.
The article (in Japanese) is available here.

If you've missed it, the extreme performance is also available in the video section of the site !


Coming Soon - Anani 9

POSTED ON: 23 May 2020 11:54 AM

Title: Anani 9
Release date: May 29, 2020


Lonely Axel shares his curse online and finds some comfort in ball-stretching, self-fisting and tentacle erotica.


24 September 2020 REEGUR Rose Bowl 2020

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