Coming Soon - Abyssal Gang Bang

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Title: Abyssal Gang Bang
Release date: October 11, 2019


This 45 minutes movie documents Axel’s greediness, or how twelve horny men teamed up to open, taste and destroy the Abysse after he sent a public invitation to Le Keller Club. Fluids and punches are flying, leading to one rarely seen ultimate orgasm. Welcome to the first ever ‘Abyssal Gang Bang’.


Co-produced with Fetish Pad


Videography by Amaury Grisel & Ivan Sobris


Starring :

ω, Alex Mount, Travis Hamilton, Phoenix69005, Claude Franck, Dragonball, Godemec, Morgan Eiffel, Reibay, Intothewildparis, Tivaparis, Valens08X and Axel Abysse.

In October, Axel celebrates the second anniversary of the site with one exclusive release every week : after 'Milked' and 'Abyssal Gang Bang' will follow 'Room 68' with Philipp Wants and finally the come back of Athleticpisspig in 'Refill' ! Are you ready ?

Out Today - Milked

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New video release : 'Milked' with Sam Syron

Sam gets his hands in the cursed hole, ready to draw juices out of his sissified Axel.

'Milked' is the first scene out of the four releases to come this month to celebrate the second anniversary of Enjoy !

Now also on VOD : 'Unleashed' with Pup Davey

Joyful and obedient, Pup Davey is such a good boy. He’s offering his hole for you to stuff and punch relentlessly. His cute smile and his gorgeous rose will make you want to adopt him !

One handle to follow them all

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Axel is now back on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat with one handle : @AxelAbysseProd !
Give him some love and follow him on your favorite platforms !

News comment section

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Excited about a coming soon movie or have a question regarding Axel's next event ?
Axel wants to hear more from you, so we opened a comment section in the news. For members only !

Coming Soon - Milked

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Title: Milked
Release date: October 4, 2019



Sam gets his hands in the cursed hole, ready to draw juices out of his sissified Axel.

And to celebrate's second anniversary, expect one new scene every week in October !


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