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Breakfast in bed

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Bulrog is back for the most important meal of the day ! Bananas, milk... grapes, peaches, apples, tomatoes, cereals, cream... Every holes must be fed !

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smilingfister 08 Aug 20 - HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT! Would love to eat out of Bulrog's ass and have him eat out of mine anytime. He such a hot guy. Love the high quality of Axel's videos.
BoyPanties 18 Jul 20 - I love the taste of decadence.
thadpa 26 Jan 20 - Wow -- what a way to start your day with "breakfast in bed" -- wish I wasn't allergic to bananas. I never cease to be amazed Axel by your outstanding videos, quality filming and your anal enthusiasm!
redy69 24 Jan 20 - Insane - i have just got home from having done exactly this to some young slut whose hole was used for my milk and banana, then i left three plums in his ass for him to ripen and cover in juice for me whilst he fucked me, then went back and got them