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Proudly exposing themselves, Ray and Axel do what they love most : shameless throat and guts digging !

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thadpa 09 Oct 20 - WOW -- what a hot gaping hole -- also enjoyed watching the fluids leak from your cock while being fisted -- especially liked watching you gag as you took Ray's cock down your throat to the point that fluids leaked out of your mouth -- extremely hot -- fuck yeah! Additionally, I enjoy the intimacy and passionate kissing you share with many of your playmates.
SONDIDDY 03 Oct 20 - By the way, I failed to mention, I really, really liked it when you, Axel, said, "Make me gape." ❤️
axelabysse 02 Oct 20 - Sondiddy, thank you ! Ray is an adorable guy, with a killer smile and a delicious gift between his legs. I, indeed, take a lot of pleasure sharing it with you all.
SONDIDDY 02 Oct 20 - I was just heading to bed when I discovered you put this video up. Needless to say, I stayed up to watch it. It was amazing! Thank you for the gift of sharing this with us viewers, specifically me. You give all of yourself to your viewers and I sense you receive joy from the thought of bringing us joy. I, personally, receive and appreciate that as a gift. Thank you, Axel.